Professional Help To Navigate Whiplash And Chronic Pain Injury Claims

In some cases, even long after doctors pronounce a physical injury healed, patients may continue to experience pain and discomfort. Meanwhile, insurers may attempt to discount your symptoms, discontinue your accident benefits or minimize your compensation. If this is your experience, we can step in and help you.

At Faber & Oostdyk, we have been practising personal injury law for over three decades in Burlington, Hamilton and the surrounding areas of southern Ontario. We have handled many cases involving chronic pain and whiplash injury and can use our legal knowledge and experience to move your claim forward.

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Chronic Pain Is A Legally Recognized Disability

The Supreme Court of Canada recognizes chronic pain as a valid disability. If a rear-end accident or another type of impact has left you with ongoing effects, you have the right to pursue treatment and compensation.

One of the most challenging aspects of fighting such cases is that whiplash, fibromyalgia, pinched nerves, degenerated disks and soft tissue damage are often undetected by traditional screening methods such as MRIs and X-rays. Yet, once delicate body tissues suffer trauma, they can continue to send out pain signals and eventually cause chronic pain.

Many patients are not aware of the nature of the problem. They may experience subtle but strange symptoms such as tingling, numbness or sudden malfunction in what seems to be an area unrelated to the site of their original injury. We have experience handling many such cases and can direct you to medical experts to evaluate your injury and obtain a diagnosis. Then, we can help you assemble a case with evidence to support your claim for the treatment benefits and compensation you deserve.

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