Protecting Your Rights In Long-Term Disability Claims

If you are suffering long-term impacts from an accident, physical illness or mental health issue, replacing lost income while you recover will be an ongoing concern for you and your family. You may be able to receive some income replacement through a workers' compensation plan or Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit, but many individuals are not aware that they may also be covered through a long-term disability (LTD) insurance policy.

At Faber & Oostdyk, we can determine all of your options for income replacement and canvass insurers to gain you access to coverage. We have helped many clients in Burlington and throughout southeastern Ontario make successful long-term disability claims. We can also step in and intervene if an insurer has terminated coverage that you are rightfully entitled to.

Consult With Us About Your LTD Claim

If your insurer has cut off your benefits, call a lawyer without delay. We can provide you with a free initial consultation and help you make a strong case to reinstate the income support you need. Reach us at 905-681-7800 or through our online email form.

We Fight To Honour The Insurance Policy

Whether you have a short-term disability claim that is likely to extend into a long-term claim or you are already on long-term disability, you rightly expect to draw on those benefits in your time of need. Yet, one of the most common issues we see in our practice is one-sided medical assessments that result in a denial of benefits.

Rarely do insurers accept a claim without a fight. If your claim has been rejected or discontinued, we can help you gain an objective opinion from experts not retained by insurers. We also know how to build your case and can show you how to properly document it with supporting evidence.

Our goal is to hold insurers accountable and help you gain the income replacement benefit you need for as long as you need it throughout your recovery.

Discuss your long-term disability claim. A consultation is free. Call 905-681-7800.